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There's everything here from info on 3-mode Honda VTEC systems to 2200hp warbirds (and later jets) to night nature photography; so dive in & enjoy!

Aircraft Engines:  Climbing the Sky

From made-from-scrap Viz Fin Wright Flyer 1 engine to what it's like to fly a WWII P-51 Mustang fighter/bomber/escort, to the modern low-bypass augmented turbofans of modern "electric jets" and beyond...

Aircraft designs have usually had to wait for an engine to be developed to allow them to fly the way they were designed to.  Many, like the WWII Mustang, performed ok with the original motor but when a better motor was used tried in it, the plane's performance leapfrogged that of the current standard-bearer.

Aircraft are better with no engines than with weak ones: the former are just awkward pavement hogs while the latter are usually crew-killers.

Special Sections:

The CRX Rust FAQ

My Cars: Road-Dancing over the Years  Recently expanded, with a complete history of all my worthy automotive memory generators plus lots of cool stuff about / related to my previous road dancing partner, a 1985 Honda Civic CRX DX, now replaced with an (as yet undocumented here) '85 CRX Si.

The Third Annual MidAtlantic CRX Meet / CRX Friday At The Track III spanning 6/25/99 through 6/27/99 was a blast, as with previous meets.  New faces & folks travelling in from even greater distances compared to last year!

Classical VR  Reconstructing fantastic lost edifices...

What Urban Sprawl, via modern propulsion, is replacing Photography of endangered rural Pennsylvania landscape

How to photograph (recently updated, with more, highly useful info for helping you capture worthy images)

Bits and Pieces of my Photo Album  This is where I get to gloat / show off a bit  (partly with magnification assistance from my computer equipment).

Scenes from the Great War: my grandfather's WWI photo album is online!

Links! to various worthwhile aviation, automotive and space related Web sites


Bumper Stickers (forwarded to the CRX List from the MG List)

Autocross in summer '97 at the Univ. of Md., Baltimore Campus (CRXes feeding in their native habitat)

What's New:
1997: The original sections were improved once, and now there's been massively more to dive into for the past few months.

I massively upgraded my scanner technology awhile back (cheap handheld to 30bit flatbed) so among the average-looking graphics in the original pages, you'll find good, extra-clear graphics replacing low-fidelity originals.  The York As It Is Now page, What Urban Sprawl, via modern propulsion, is replacing, has had its single pic of rolling Pennsylvania landscape greatly improved by rescanning with the flatbed, and has started to grow now that I can do justice to the photographs.

Mid-1998: The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress site has been improved by finally uploading the "mural" picture options (click on standard picture to start loading 1200x750 or so "murals").

1/21/1998: From a request for a larger picture of it, the Jumo 207B-3 Page with 56kB standard-size JPEG and 189kB "mural" JPEG options is up!  (It's a Hugo Junkers -developed WWII 2-stroke aerodiesel with both supercharging and turbocharging, good for climbing power of 750hp from sea level to nearly 40,000ft.  It uses 12 pistons, sharing six very long cylenders with a pair of crankshafts at the top and bottom geared together to an upper propshaft.)

8/1997: The CRX Rust FAQ has benefitted from both the new scanner and has better techniques for bodywork finishing (which it was originally quite weak in).

10/1997: How to photograph has been enlarged with the addition of info needed for successful photography.

11/1997: Bits and Pieces of my Photo Album shows, often with scanner magnification assist, some of the more interesting parts of my photography collection.

11/1997: Scenes from the Great War
While my dad was packing for a vacation, a photo album of his dad's resurfaced... mostly from Europe during WWI.  It has pictures of everything from blown-out Verdun to several Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny's" aloft, taken by his dad from a higher Jenny, to an unsafe-looking observation plane on takeoff.  (All right, so all the planes look unsafe, like burlap held together with sticks, which basically what they were once you tacked on a weak, unreliable engine or two.  And no, parachutes weren't developed until the late '20s.)  The Jenny's have the official US emblem on the wings, marking them as official war equipment of the U.S. military.  We had to start with something before we could get to F-16s and F-15E Strike Eagles (and F-22 Raptors, soon).  Here will be lots of contemporary action pics of that start.  As with any older photos, the originals were small, but the detail is generally remarkable (especially for 80-year-old pictures).

Me  You need an explanation?  ;-)

Links! to various aviation, automotive, space related and other Web sites

11/1997: Quotes and Bumper Stickers are new sections.  No descriptions; just visit them!

Autocross in summer '97 at the Univ. of Md., Baltimore Campus was added on 12/27/97... Cool stuff to do with fun cars!

MidAtlantic CRX Meet '99 / CRX Friday At The Track III was from around the 6/25/99 Friday At The Track session at Summit Point Raceway, the most recent Gathering of CRXes in the mid- East Coast general area.  About 2/3rds of the Summit Point pics are from a new (6/15/99 purchase), highly rated, excellent image quality MicroTek ScanMaker X6 (USB).  The site includes...

The Staunton, VA Autocross CRX (very) mini-Meet '99 (four FATT attendees, three ran), from Sunday 6/27/99, where an '85 CRX Si originally from Pittsburgh, PA (but locally owned & driven) won both ES catagory and in overall (PAXed) points.

This was last updated on 9/4/99.

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